Combining decentralization with the JAMstack for a quick dApp.

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Decentralized apps come in all shapes and sizes. We have decentralized market makers, flash loans, crypto games, and simple NFT sites. Guess which we’re going to make? That’s right, the simple NFT one.

This article will quickly cover setting up NextJS, downloading Web3 and MetaMask, and we will go over the basics of getting data from the blockchain and sending simple transactions for minting or buying NFTs.

Setting Up

Let's get everything ready for our dApp. We need a simple contract on the blockchain and a MetaMask wallet.


We will use MetaMask to connect to our dApp. I have written an article…

Let’s start understanding Ethereum smart contracts

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This quick guide is a little refresher for those who have been out of the smart contract business for a while, or for newbies who want to learn the very basics of Solidity smart contracts. I am not a veteran myself yet, but I will try my absolute best to be helpful for old and new learners.

What is Solidity

Solidity is the language in which most smart contracts are written. This means that anything from NFTs to Defi dApps might be written in Solidity. it runs on the blockchain and the code is stored there as well. …

Easy database management in Python with SQLite.

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A lot of applications, either for little projects or for work, require some sort of database connection. A very easy and well-supported option is to use SQLite. SQLite is the default database of Android development and is used in a lot of other places as well.

It also has a very easy syntax and doesn’t require a lot of overhead to get it working. So let's try it out. I will assume you have knowledge of the standard SQL syntax.

Creating or Accessing our Database

Create a new Python file or Python project in an IDE of your…

It is easier than it might seem!

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Discord allows users to create channels that other users can join. The admins can create smaller sub-channels in which users can talk or chat via messaging. You can add your own bots to these channels that can achieve a number of tasks. They might be of importance during live streams, lessons, or heated conversations. They can moderate or act as extra functionality such as polls.

In this article, I will give a very brief intro to making Discord bots. I will assume you have some Javascript and NodeJS knowledge.

Registering the Bot

we need to register…

Minting every item. One transaction at a time. And you’ll pay zero gas fees.

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Lazy minting is a technique that is used more and more in NFT contracts. It is a solution to one single problem: insanely high gas fees on Ethereum.

The simple explanation is changing the mint function from onlyOwner to payable . If you want to receive extra payments at least. Otherwise, you would only need to change the mint function and keep some other details in your mind.

A great Layer 2 blockchain with way lower fees and OpenSea compatibility.

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Polygon is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. And it is currently supported or used by companies such as OpenSea and Coinbase.

It has very low fees for deploying, minting, and transferring tokens while remaining Ethereum-compatible which makes it a good option for dApp developers.

Making 2560 NFTs isn’t hard if you know what to learn.

A small sample of the NFT collection

Crypto Concoctions is an NFT collection I deployed on the Polygon L2 blockchain. You can view them on OpenSea or mint new ones on the official site.

2560 unique digital cocktails each served with a tasty garnish.

Making the Images

I created the original pixel art after getting the idea of the collection. I used Pixilart for this. Every layer of the image is a new file. The glass, the background, the fill, and the garnish.

I put all combinations together in a simple Python program that uses Pillow for image manipulation…

A small NFT project on the Polygon blockchain. Now live on the mainnet and OpenSea!

Crypto Concoctions #4 — Owned by myself

As my followers might have noticed, I started to post some more blockchain and crypto-related content the last month. I also didn’t post much at all. It was still a holiday for me, I was bored and had an idea. I executed it and overcame some obstacles you encounter when learning something new.

What is it?

Crypto Concoctions are 2560 unique digital cocktails each served with a tasty garnish.

That is this project in a nutshell.

I started by creating some pixel art that I could later combine…

A quick guide to deploying your first NFT without an NFT marketplace while still being able to trade it on OpenSea.

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The blockchain is an interesting piece of software at this time. It's a very hot topic, and developers are slowly rising to the top. Ethereum, the biggest smart-contract blockchain is rising rapidly. The problem, however, its gas fees are rising with it. A simple NFT smart contract would cost me $1300 to deploy.

That is why we’re going to use Polygon’s blockchain. It is an Ethereum compatible blockchain with many projects adopting it as a secondary option. Its gas…

Especially if you’re just learning.

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HTML is around for quite some time, and it might seem easy to learn all relevant tags, you might be surprised. There are many tags that are outdated, and many tags that are new in HTML5. Let’s take a quick look at some of these tags that you could still use.


The <abbr> tag is used for abbreviations and letting the user know what it means when they hover over it. This is not used very often but it can be helpful if you’re using lesser-known abbreviations or just a lot of similar abbreviations.


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