Tiki doesn’t need 12 ingredients in every drink.

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Tiki cocktails are often known as over-the-top drinks that require at least three different rums and three other ingredients among specific liqueurs or flavors to make them into a tiki cocktail, but this, fortunately, isn’t true.

If you take a look at some of the major tiki cocktail books like Smuggler’s Cove and Beachbum Berry’s Potions of the Caribbean, you can see that there are quite some tiki cocktails that do not necessarily need a dozen ingredients.

Tiki cocktails are not about the complex, over-the-top drinks, but about closing your eyes. …

The big utility library explained.

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is a blazingly popular utility library. I’m sure I don’t have to say that twice, it is very popular with 42 million weekly downloads at the time of writing according to .

The core thing to use Lodash is being able to read the documentation and being able to search for whatever function you might need. There are probably hundreds of functions within the documentation, and I will not go through them all. Instead, I will give tips and show you the documentation.

In my honest opinion, the Lodash team has made their documentation…

These can help the beginners, but also the better programmers.

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We all learn to code in some way or another. I have learned to code mostly by creating websites with very simple CSS and JavaScript code. But some may start with Python or C#. Though there are many differences between these languages, you can create a lot of the same things with them.

In Python or C# you might create a terminal-based application when you’re learning, while you might create something more visual with JavaScript or Java.

Hello World

TL;DR: Change your files from .js to .tsx.

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is a static site generator library in the same bracket as Next.js and Nuxt.js. It provides a great developer experience and tries to make deployment as easy as possible so you can focus on more important tasks.

The regular experience with Gatsby is in JavaScript. But since offers some better features such as typed programming, developers might want to try it instead. And thankfully, Gatsby makes it very easy for us to use.


Gatsby promotes the transition to TypeScript to be incremental. It, therefore, offers the possibility to simply change…

The easiest and the best way!

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Server-side rendering and programming in the are becoming more and more standard. The advantages in speed, security, and developer experience are something that works in most projects. And you might want to check it out for yourself as well.

is a front-end library that makes it easy to create scalable web applications with minimal fuss. It’s fairly easy to learn and to set up. It ships by default with . Let’s get started.

How to start

The first step in all programming tutorials is setting up the project by installing packages and initializing the different…

Don’t write code if you don’t have to.

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As programmers, we are expected to write code. But the reality is: we try not to. Instead, we try to find libraries that can help us achieve the goals we want without writing more code than we need to.

This has helped developers for decades, and because of that, the huge amount of variety in libraries has made it possible to do the craziest things without writing too much code. Let’s check out a few examples.


Almost everyone knows . It is a well-known utility library that delivers modularity, performance & extras…

With code snippets!

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By now, these small introductions are becoming obsolete. But still. Libraries in JavaScript can improve productivity by a ton. Instead of wasting hours on several functions, you can add an open-source alternative that is always updated to feature the fastest and most modern code so you don’t have to.

Let’s check out a few libraries that I’ve personally used that you can fit in a lot of different applications from mobile apps with React Native to beautiful web applications.


A very popular date/time manipulation library is . It is the best choice for new projects because it uses the more…

A quick introduction to a well-known library.

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is a very nice, easy-to-use, and small library you can download from NPM or Yarn. It is only 107kB in size when totally unpacked, so when you compress the library, it will be even smaller.

What is it?

Nodemon makes the development of web applications easier by doing one simple task. It restarts your server when you change a file.

Why is it useful?

Web developers might change a lot of files, and make very slight changes every time. When you save a change, you have to restart the server for the changes to take effect.

And once you…

With Code Snippets!

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JavaScript, and especially NodeJS has a beautiful ecosystem that is filled with countless libraries and frameworks that can do the most niche thing you could ever imagine. But which libraries can be used in almost every project? And which libraries are easy to learn, and can’t hurt to know? That is what this little list is for.


is a fairly well-known asynchronous promise-based HTTP request library. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and doesn’t require anything you don’t want to send or set every time. …

A simple way to learn basic Python.

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This tutorial is a very simple and very well-known case to help with learning how to program applications. It tackles every basic concept from variables to loops and even importing libraries for the random function.

Note: I will assume that you have Python 3 installed and that you have at least a very basic sense of programming already. I will also assume that you know how to run a Python file.

The Game

Before we can program the little dice game, we need to know how it works and what we need to build. …

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