Don’t jump on the hype train. Take a small moment to educate yourself.

Investing in crypto is the hottest thing right now. Return of >500% per year can be possible if you invest properly. But those returns are pure luck and no skill. You should not invest in crypto for the returns. You should invest in the technology that it uses and the use cases it might have.

Blockchain technology isn’t that hard to learn nowadays. Every scammer could make a new coin on the Ethereum network without much trouble. This makes the crypto market very volatile and very easy for scammers to take advantage of.

And it's not just scammers that can…

One is free, the other you should ask from your employer…

Choosing an IDE for your development can be a difficult task. You could either try all different IDEs, both paid and free, or maybe your employer or school has chosen for you. Either way, here are my experiences with two IDEs that I use.

The choice of IDE might also depend on your tech stack. These IDEs are for general web development (and more). If you’re using C# or CSHTML files the choice would likely be VS2019 for its integration.

Note: This article is just my own opinion about two IDEs that I both use regularly. …

For great code, with great documentation.

Lodash is a library that has roots going way back. It even had some functions that were later implemented into the ECMAScript standards. Of course, like any library, it would continue to grow. And it has. It is now one of the most downloaded libraries on NPM.

According to its official site: “Lodash makes JavaScript easier by taking the hassle out of working with arrays, numbers, objects, strings, etc. Lodash’s modular methods are great for:

  • Iterating arrays, objects, & strings
  • Manipulating & testing values
  • Creating composite functions”

Its documentation is absolutely amazing compared to some other libraries which makes it…

You can use these anytime, anywhere.

There are thousands of libraries that can be found on NPM. But most of these accomplish simple tasks. We have packages like ‘is-even’ and ‘is-number’. We also have large utility libraries such as Underscore. But what libraries would you actually want to use with most projects? Let's check a few.


Date and time object manipulation is very difficult to do. Especially when you’re dealing with timezones. Moment used to be perfect for this, but it has since been slowly getting deprecated and replaced by Luxon.

What sets Luxon apart from Moment and other competitors is the use of the…

If you want to hurt your wallet, try making these.

I will start by saying that these recipes are at least fairly balanced and well-known. There are some recipes with more than 50 ingredients, but that is too much for this blog.

I love creating cocktails and I’ve seen quite some interesting recipes so far. Some I’ve even tried to make myself.


With just about 10 ingredients excluding garnish, this classic tiki cocktail is one you should try if you love rum and tropical drinks! Created by Don the Beachcomber in 1934, this zombie should turn you into one. Drink…

With React Native and Expo, everyone can create apps!

Mobile app development used to be very hard to get into as a new programmer. You need to know languages such as Java, styling with XML, and techniques such as adapters and singletons. You could have made apps using Cordova, which uses general web development languages, but the performance wasn’t as good as native.

Thankfully that has changed. React Native has completely renewed the playing field. And later on, Expo has made it even easier for us to create apps.

Expo, however, does have its own negative points. It is fairly…

Using the CLI is a hard flex, but very unnecessary these days.

Git and GitHub have been around for ages now. They have revolutionized working on projects together by creating a way to correctly implement changes using pull requests, branches, comparison, and merge features. And I am sure that most programmers even use it for solo projects (Just like me).

The Git CLI

This might be controversial to senior developers, but I think that the Git CLI is too hard to use for very new programmers. Most students I’ve worked with already have a difficult time using Github with a proper GUI, let alone if they need to remember all CLI options and commands.


How Markdown files can make your notes better.

Every operating system has its own very simple text editor. For Windows, this is Notepad. In Notepad you can create .txt files that have very minimal styling. Unless you’re using very specific UTF characters, you will not have any markup like italics or titles. Markdown does.

Using Markdown

I use Typora for my Markdown files. It is a very minimal-looking text editor. And with the right syntax, you can easily create more maintainable and readable notes.

The basic syntax of Markdown kinda depends on the platform you use it on. WhatsApp Messenger uses asterisks…

A few very useful NPM packages for everyone. (With code snippets!)

Many web developers couldn’t even begin to try to imagine a world without NPM or Yarn. The big package managers for NodeJS web applications. They offer so many great libraries.

But they also offer an enormous amount of libraries that aren’t being maintained, and might even be deprecated. This list is a small list of libraries that will most likely be maintained for quite some time to come so that you can worry about the quality of your code instead of the packages you use. Enjoy.


I will keep mentioning this beautiful library whenever it is relevant. Lodash is a…

Stop with “I don’t like metal” and “I don’t like this genre of music”

A big argument for a lot of people is that they do not like the genre of music you might have in your own playlists. This is nonsense. And I will quickly explain why I think that it is.

Music is Art. Art is subjective

Just like the title says. Music is a form of art. Music has been around for a few thousand years. The first source I got mentioned a small 40.000 years. But in that time, music has improved. …

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