Calling functions with template literals, and more!

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Optional Chaining Operator

The optional chaining operator, ?. , will continue the chain of dot-notated objects or values if they are not undefined or null. This can be useful if the data may contain empty values or different data structures.

It will fill a variable with undefined instead of throwing an error which can be beneficial in some cases.

Nullish coalescing operator

The ?? operator is a logical operator that returns its right-hand side operand when its left-hand side operand is null or undefined, and otherwise returns its left-hand side operand.

I have yet to use this…

Are the stats as good as they could be?

I, as a (hopefully) up-and-coming Medium writer, check my statistics regularly. When I notice a sudden spike, drop, or something weird whenever I check my stats in the morning, I can anticipate what the day might be like. But I often wonder about so many more statistics I might want to know that I cannot figure out without hours of data entry.

If you are a follower or have seen my articles before, you know that I am mostly a web developer, a programmer. And as a programmer, I like to…

React is like an armored vehicle. Prepared for anything, even if you don’t need it.

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React is a very nice library that you can use to create web applications in a way that minimizes repeated code, and it promotes creating components that you can connect together with the state or props that you can pass on from component to component.

In many projects, it is a good library to use, but it might have a lot of functionalities you might not need, especially in smaller applications such as static sites.

These unused functionalities can quickly attribute to a lot of…

Don’t just use it for entertainment.

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Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Especially those who still have a ton of years left in their lives. And while it can be fun to just mindlessly scroll for hours on end, it might be better to occasionally use it for more productive reasons.

In this list, I will name a few reasons I use my phone, other than killing time. If you have any more reasons I might've forgotten, let me know and you might even help someone else out. Enjoy.


One of the most productive things you can do is enriching…

It’ll only take a few seconds more and will increase the quality by a lot.

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Medium is full of articles about all sorts of programming topics, but how can you stand out? With niche articles, quality, or simply by having an existing brand. But the easiest for the starters among us is to improve your quality.

That is what this article will be about. Increasing the quality of your articles without too much trouble and without much extra work.

Code Blocks

Try not to use images such as from Carbon. While the images you can create with Carbon are great looking, they…

You don’t need all utilities if you don’t use them all

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TailwindCSS is a very popular utility-class-based styling library for quickly creating visually stunning prototypes or production websites and web applications. It has one downside (which it is slowly fixing already), and that is its file size.

Tailwind has CSS classes for anything ranging from a zero-width margin to flex fox controls and a whole range of colors. This will bloat CSS file sizes massively as you’d expect. But thankfully, the creators of Tailwind have made it easy for us to remove all unused classes for production.

According to its own documentation, a default development configuration of Tailwind is about 3739Kb…

Have you heard of the for … of loop? That’s just one of seven

Code on a laptop
Code on a laptop
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Every programmer will eventually learn about loops, most likely starting with the while loop and eventually going to for loops and even recursion. Understanding these concepts is very useful, but there are a few types of loops that aren’t conventional, such as the for ... of loop.

Let’s take a look at the conventional and unconventional loops available in JavaScript.

1. while

The first loop a lot of developers will encounter during their studies is the while loop. It is a very simple and minimal loop that will loop if a specific test returns true . …

A little different than the for-loop.

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You can check this article out in quick video form here. Thank you.

Every computer scientist or programmer has some familiarity with the for loop. For most of us, it is the second loop we learn after the while loop. It is a very useful loop for iterating over an array or string until the index reaches a certain number, most likely the end of the array or string.

The ForEach loop lets us iterate over an array and will execute a function over the item. The function should be given as a parameter…

No, you don’t need to know binary code for this.

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The binary search algorithm is a very popular and well-known algorithm for finding a specific value within a sorted array. It is also a popular algorithm to teach computer science studies and it isn’t too hard to grasp the basic principles of it.

The algorithm works on sorted arrays where it begins comparing the centermost value against the target value. …

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