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JavaScript is quickly growing since the addition of package managers such as NPM or Yarn. And it isn’t going to stop anytime soon, everyday developers publish hundreds of new packages for the most niche functionality you can imagine. But that’s okay, it only helps us create great things.

Let’s check out some libraries that you should know, or at least be aware of when you’re starting your journey to become a great developer.


is a library that offers a ton of great functions that you would otherwise have to write yourself. …

These are powerful and widely used

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JavaScript is a well-known language that can be used for everything from websites to mobile apps and it is still growing every day. But the functions from the language itself also continue to grow, some are well-known and old, and some are newer and maybe lesser-known. Let's take a look.


A well-known function that will execute a function on every array item and return a new array. That is the map function in a very small nutshell. …

Using NodeJS and the Telegram API

person scrolling through apps on phone
person scrolling through apps on phone
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is a messenger app like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. It has more functionalities, such as bots, which aren’t as easy to create in the other messaging apps. It can be a great platform for certain communities.

These bots can be made with JavaScript in Node and can have a wide range of functionalities, from creating polls to keeping track of Pokémon Go raids. Today we are going to learn how to create a few basic Telegram bots.

Registering a Bot

A Telegram bot needs to be registered. You can register a bot by messaging BotFather in the Telegram app. …

Something for all your projects!

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A lot can be done in JavaScript these days, and even more with the right libraries. We can create mobile apps using just one library, we can create intricate animations or confusing requests in a more readable and maintainable way.

But the most important reason to use libraries might be to keep more time left over for more important features.


is a library I saw used on a website once. I immediately went into the Chrome console to check what library it was and I quickly found out it was AOS.

Quantity over Quality. (But don’t forget quality)

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Medium is a great platform for writers who want to earn a few extra bucks every month. But maybe you’ve started and expected more? How do you gain an audience, and how can you make sure the first growth is as fast as possible? I will try to answer these questions and give some simple tips along the way.

Choose a topic with lots of followers

All articles can have up to five tags that describe the content. For me, this is almost always something along the lines of ‘programming’, ‘javascript’, ‘web development, and so on.

The easiest way to start mobile app development!

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App development is a booming business. Many companies hire developers to create an app for their shop or offer coupon codes as McDonald's does. A lot of companies realize this product by harnessing the power of cross-platform tools such as React Native or Flutter.

is a cross-platform app development library built with JavaScript. It works by providing React components that directly translate to native elements such as Text, Image, and ScrollView.

Because React is fairly easy to learn, I feel like React Native is the easiest way to create an…

JavaScript is fun!

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1. In Operator

JavaScript features a in keyword to get a boolean value if a certain property can be found within a variable such as an index in an array or key in an object.

2. Arguments Keyword

A JavaScript function can contain arguments or parameters like you would expect. However, you can call these by their name if they are predefined in the function itself, but you can also use the arguments keyword which is an array of all arguments given to the function.

You can retrieve arguments that aren’t predefined by this and can, in theory, omit the definition…

Forget Node, React, and Webpack and try something new.


Everybody knows NodeJS. The huge framework that has NPM to back it up. The server-side JavaScript library is slowly getting taken over by . Deno is more focused on security and doesn’t use NPM. It is created by the creator of Node and could be used instead of it. It has its own ecosystem of modules and a different workflow which could be nice to try sometimes.


Everybody knows React, Vue, Jade, or whatever you might have used before for templating and other frontend programming.

String manipulation is easy!

Every student or new programmer will learn string concatenation in one of their first lessons, and that’s exactly what I’ll do today for you.

String Concatenation

String concatenation is the act of adding two text strings together to create one larger string. This can be done with variables as well as regular strings.

In this Gist or code snippet, we can see the string concatenation in action. You can mix and match variables, strings, and add as much as you need.

Template Literals

Template literals are another way of writing strings in JavaScript. It is a fancy way that…

Calling functions with template literals, and more!

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Optional Chaining Operator

The optional chaining operator, ?. , will continue the chain of dot-notated objects or values if they are not undefined or null. This can be useful if the data may contain empty values or different data structures.

It will fill a variable with undefined instead of throwing an error which can be beneficial in some cases.

Nullish coalescing operator

The ?? operator is a logical operator that returns its right-hand side operand when its left-hand side operand is null or undefined, and otherwise returns its left-hand side operand.

I have yet to use this…

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