Easy testing without deploying to a testnet.

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Remix has got to be one of the most well-known IDEs for smart contract development on Ethereum and other Solidity-based blockchains. It is easy to use, has all the proper code highlighting you’d want, and has an integrated compiler, and deployer.

This deployment…

It all starts with a (silly) idea. (Non-technical article)

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NFTs are all over the place now, along with Ethereum and smart contracts, adaptation of crypto and blockchain is everywhere. With large banks building upon Ethereum, or simply games that are play-to-earn instead of pay-to-win.

So once upon a time, I…

How to use PaymentSplitter for an ERC721 project.

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When you’re creating a project on the blockchain, like an NFT project, you might expect to get some sort of payment. Mostly from minting new tokens, or secondary sales.

But if you’re not the only developer, how do you deal with paying the other developers, or artists, or marketing team…

294 Unique Pizzas with their ownership safely stored on the blockchain.

The Pixel Pizza collection

As some of my followers might’ve seen, I have written more articles about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology than I’ve done before. …

Because Lorem Ipsum is outdated.

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Testing your application is an important task for any developer. But if we need to insert data in any way, or retrieve data in some way, we tend to be satisfied with ‘asdfasd’, ‘user123’, and ‘Lorem Ipsum’.

If you’re testing a system and want to…

From Zero to Web Development Hero.

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This article is for people who want to start with web development by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before moving on to more advanced topics such as React and NodeJS.

I will assume you have zero programming knowledge. I will also try to get into the why’s instead of just…

Combining decentralization with the JAMstack for a quick dApp.

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Decentralized apps come in all shapes and sizes. We have decentralized market makers, flash loans, crypto games, and simple NFT sites. Guess which we’re going to make? That’s right, the simple NFT one.

This article will quickly cover setting up NextJS, downloading Web3 and MetaMask, and we will go over…

Let’s start understanding Ethereum smart contracts

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This quick guide is a little refresher for those who have been out of the smart contract business for a while, or for newbies who want to learn the very basics of Solidity smart contracts. …

Easy database management in Python with SQLite.

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A lot of applications, either for little projects or for work, require some sort of database connection. A very easy and well-supported option is to use SQLite. …

It is easier than it might seem!

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Discord allows users to create channels that other users can join. The admins can create smaller sub-channels in which users can talk or chat via messaging. You can add your own bots to these channels that can achieve a number of tasks. They…

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