• Elias Tazartes

    Elias Tazartes

  • Murat Umutlu

    Murat Umutlu

    At the Intersection of the Development, Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile || JavaScript, Python, and AWS || murat@muum.dev

  • Dennis Luken

    Dennis Luken

    Father, Lover, Philanthropist, Meditator, Outdoorsman, Software Architect, Art Director…

  • Kevin Gleijm

    Kevin Gleijm

    Computer Science student by day and avid programmer by night.

  • Tara Wise

    Tara Wise

    Life Improvement & Personal Productivity; Enthusiasm in Science & Tech

  • Filipe Rosa

    Filipe Rosa

  • Cornel Filip

    Cornel Filip

  • Lorenzo Garbi

    Lorenzo Garbi

    Sick of technology, always looking for something new.

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