I Have Left the Medium Partner Program

2 min readFeb 26


Now all my articles are available for free.

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

I have been a member of Medium’s partner program for a while now. I’ve had some articles go over 20k views. But lately my viewership has been declining. Mostly because I don’t write a lot of articles.

I will stay active on Medium, and I might start writing detailed crypto related articles on Mirror as well. With the more tutorial focused articles here, on Medium.

What does this mean for me?

For you, this means that all my articles are now free. No more 5 blog limit per month if you’re not subscribed to the Medium platform. All my posts from HardHat tutorials to descriptions and implementations of newer EIPs can now be viewed for free.


I am not writing a lot anymore, I am busy with multiple projects (including NFT projects), my study, my job, and I don’t have the inspiration that I used to have when I was writing my posts.

When people subscribe through my referral link I’d rather write more useful articles to give them more value than to just only cash some extra money.

Will You Write Again?

Yes I will write again one day, I have some more articles in the works as well, but I don’t have the inspiration to work on it at this time. But this is not a farewell of any means.


Enjoy all my articles now without having to pay for it.




I occasionally write about programming and smart contracts. Follow me on Twitter @0xmbvissers