Why I Think You Need At Least 4 Hobbies

Working is not a hobby.

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Since COVID, I have been thinking more and more about my current hobbies, and I’ve even started a new one and revisited some old hobbies. And now I am thinking about a proper way to spend my days without too much monotony.

Here are my thoughts about hobbies, what you might want to think about, and my personal hobbies within some thoughts about the topic. Enjoy.

A Hobby for Health

When you’re a simple programmer, either still studying, or with a job, you will spend most of your days sitting in a chair looking at one or more screens. This can be very bad for your health. You sit a lot, you might walk to the coffee machine every few hours, but that's about it. You drive home in a car, and you will spend the night watching Netflix.

That’s why you might need a healthy hobby. For a lot of folks, this is fitness. There is a reason that subscriptions such as EasyFit are so successful. My personal healthy hobby is longboarding. I can skate around the local park for about 20 minutes or spend the day skating in the city center and back, which might take a few hours.

If you go alone, this could also be very good for mindfulness. You can relax, put on some music, and just enjoy your surroundings and your own thoughts.

A Hobby for Yourself

A hobby for yourself doesn’t mean a hobby that you should do alone. It should be something that you are personally interested in and that you would want to improve in. It should be purely for fun, not for health or mindfulness. Though it doesn’t hurt if it improves that as well.

My personal hobby is homebrewing. I brew beer. And since I live with my parents still, I was able to convince my brother to join me in this journey. The most amazing part of this hobby so far is the amount of positive feedback we’ve gotten from friends and family.

Another hobby in the same realm for me recently has been smoking meats. It takes a very long time, but my friends and family have been very positive about the results, making me want to improve in it.

This hobby is the one that should be more personal. People might think of it as ‘hipster’ or weird because they don’t know a lot of people that do it. But that is why it is a hobby for yourself.

A Cheap Hobby

Another great option to have when it's just about the end of the month when the rent has been paid but payday isn’t there yet is a cheap hobby. This hobby is the one you can do at any time. Hobbies such as smoking meat, brewing beer, and even skating can be very expensive at times.

That's is why I lend my brothers’ guitar. Never mind, that is cheating, I meant that that is why I also like to draw. Either in software such as Inkscape or on cheap paper with fairly cheap pencils.

This hobby is the one I am the worst at. I also spent less time with it, but I still love doing it and enjoying every minute I spent at it.

The Expensive Hobby

For some reason, I love to spend money. When it is all gone though, I am sad. But I can still enjoy the reason my cash is gone. This hobby is the most expensive, but also the one you spend less time on. When you’ve been on Reddit for a long time, you will see some common expensive hobbies. Mechanical keyboards, mechanical watches, and fountain pens are often seen together.

You save money for a luxury item such as a watch. You spend a few hours researching the best one you can find, and when you are ready, you pull the trigger.

You’ve spent a lot of money, and to most people, it might seem like a nuisance. But you know that you have done your research. And you enjoy every minute you spend with the newly acquired item.

You might look at your new watch more than you’re used to, or you might enjoy the clicking sound of your keyboard more than you used to.


These paragraphs are simply random ramblings of my mind. I have a feeling that a single hobby will not be enough. And some people might not classify certain hobbies as hobbies. I just hope I made some sense.

Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful day.



I occasionally write about programming and smart contracts. Follow me on Twitter @0xmbvissers

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I occasionally write about programming and smart contracts. Follow me on Twitter @0xmbvissers